CASCO Refreshes Brand Identity of Investment Management Firm giving it a New Meaning


The team at Nexus recognized the need to embrace change to achieve seamless continuity and future growth. Incorporating new technology and fostering forward-thinking were their priorities, but maintaining personalized service remained essential as well. With a clear set of business objectives in mind, Nexus chose CASCO to develop a positioning strategy and new brand identity. 


CASCO explored ways in which the Nexus mark could be refreshed to add meaning and a key recognizable visual element. Our team generated dozens of sketched logo ideas seeking ways to make the mark different and identifiable. A series of finalists which focused on highlighting the ‘US’ in the logo were refined. We arrived at four concepts for the client to choose from, all of which supported the firm’s new positioning.  


The new identity highlights the ‘us’ in Nexus by opening the enclosing box that safeguards the mark. Highlighting the word ‘us’ communicates the firm’s synchronicity with its clients. It conveys that, together, they are a team working toward the same goal.

The new identity comes together with a careful selection of typography and a deep colour palette complemented by vibrant colours.

CASCO also planned, designed and developed a new website for the firm. Launched in late 2020, is a re-organized website that features investor resources and a digital version of Nexus Notes, the firm’s quarterly newsletter. 

Digital presentations, a stationery set, banners, reports and signage are some of the brand touch points that now reflect the new brand.  

Interestingly, the client actually did not want to “touch” the logo, but with our guidance they were able to accept that there was an opportunity for improvement. 


Include as many internal stakeholders in the discovery sessions as possible as it helps to create a sense of ownership for the project, leading to consensus and buy-in.

Originally posted on RGD