From client to strategic partner: How a simple signage request led to a decade-long relationship between CASCO and LDIC

More than ten years ago, CASCO was engaged to develop a brand identity for LDIC, but over time our role has evolved into that of a strategic partner. Strategy, content, creative direction, photography, and website development are among the ongoing services we provide to the firm. LDIC thrives on its reputation and its remarkable track record, so we make sure that every piece of communication we develop delivers this message, loud and clear.


LDIC initially approached CASCO with an office signage need. The requirements included directional and reception signage. This initial task provided us with the opportunity to point out logo weaknesses and potential opportunities for improvement. It was good timing for this conversation, as the company was undergoing a name change. We were then tasked with developing a new brand identity. This process involved a series of discovery meetings, creative explorations, and execution presentations, followed by client feedback and refinements in preparation for implementation.

We then helped identify other relevant touch points which needed attention including stationery, presentation materials and client reporting packages. By taking a proactive approach, we were able to demonstrate to LDIC our broad expertise, and eagerness to learn about their business.


LDIC has always recognized the importance of branding and marketing in maintaining a relevant place in an ever-changing market, and we have been there for them along the way. Over the years, we have been able to work closely with senior personnel at the firm to formulate solutions to their marketing challenges.

Most recently, LDIC tasked CASCO to reposition the firm to attract a younger and established clientele, update the website to a responsive design with a robust CMS platform and create a brochure that promotes LDIC’s investment strategy, services, and proprietary funds.

We started by formulating a brand strategy and developed key messaging and content to support the updated positioning. We curated a series of images and complementary iconography to position LDIC as a warm, welcoming, and forward-thinking firm that understands the importance of technology and user interaction.

The website was then completely reorganized to emphasize LDIC’s signature managed portfolio services and highlight its proprietary investment funds. The Investment Funds landing page was designed to provide a summary of product information, with easy access to fund overviews and dedicated fund pages.

Media and fund documentation were ported to the updated website to make a content-rich resource. 


Keep communication lines open. 

We maintain an ongoing dialogue with the firm’s COO and provide support on a yearly and monthly basis for all of their marketing initiatives. We are proactive about informing LDIC of new skills and relevant expertise we acquire. 

Take an interest in the client’s organization.

Being genuinely interested in LDIC’s business has proven beneficial to us. We ask questions and provide a point of view, we are proactive and stay in touch. This has helped us remain top of mind for LDIC and we are committed to delivering a good product and personalized service.

“The team at CASCO knows LDIC. They understand our priorities. It’s important for our firm to work with an agency that is able to provide us with strategic and objective website design advice. Our new website aligns with our business.”

Beryl McCallum, CIM, Chief Operating Officer & Chief Compliance Officer, LDIC Inc.

Originally posted on RGD