LDIC Inc., An Evolving Brand in the Wealth Management Arena

Project Showcase: LDIC Inc. – Financial Services

Continuing to build a brand that conveys the creation and preservation of wealth.

Since 1998, LDIC Inc. has been a highly disciplined and performance-oriented independent portfolio manager, driven to deliver value and service excellence to its clients. 

Its main focus is managing accounts for high net worth individuals, corporations, and foundations. LDIC also houses a series of actively managed proprietary investment funds.

LDIC recognizes the importance of branding and marketing in maintaining a relevant place in an ever-changing market.


As in many other business sectors, financial services are being transformed by technology and a new generation of digitally-driven customers. LDIC’s strong track record and positive reputation are the result of years of building and maintaining key business relationships with established clientele. In its efforts to build new client relationships with a younger investor demographic, LDIC needed to demonstrate that it remains current and relevant in today’s market. Updates to the website were required along with new print marketing materials. 

LDIC tasked CASCO to reposition the firm to attract a younger and established clientele, update the website to a responsive design with a robust CMS platform, and create a brochure that promotes LDIC’s investment strategy, services, and proprietary funds. 


Our long-standing relationship with LDIC proved invaluable in undertaking this challenge. We were able to formulate a strategy and develop key messaging and content to support the updated positioning.

We curated a series of images and complementary iconography to position LDIC as a warm, welcoming, and forward-thinking firm that understands the importance of technology and user interaction.

The website was completely reorganized to emphasize LDIC’s signature managed portfolio services and highlight its proprietary investment funds. The Investment Funds landing page provides a summary of product information, with easy access to fund overviews and dedicated fund pages.

Media and fund documentation were ported to the updated website to make LDIC.ca a content-rich resource. 

“The team at CASCO knows LDIC. They understand our priorities. It’s important for our firm to work with an agency that is able to provide us with strategic and objective website design advice. Our new website aligns with our business.”

Beryl McCallum, CIM, Chief Operating Officer & Chief Compliance Officer, LDIC Inc.

A straightforward lead generation process was implemented with carefully crafted messaging that invites investors to join the LDIC family, complementing LDIC’s ongoing sales and marketing efforts.

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