Portraying the relevance of an association's mandate through branding.

CAN-TECH (Canadian Technology Law Association), formerly known as IT.CAN, is an association of Canadian technology law practitioners which fosters the development and growth of this field of legal practice. Upon completion of a name change and corresponding logo update, CAN-TECH engaged CASCO to develop a series of branding initiatives to launch the updated brand at their annual conference.

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We created a new visual language and key messaging to reinforce and raise awareness of the association's brand update. The bold red dot borrowed from the new logo draws the audience into the new creative, while key messaging articulates the relevance and importance of the association's work as it strives to keep up with the changes and challenges in technology law.

A dynamic video, banner, and lanyards were developed for the launch, as well as social media posts and an e-blast that followed the event.

Brand Touchpoints
  • Event Materials,
  • Marketing Materials
  • PPT Template