Building a brand for a residential construction business, one step at a time.

Madera is a company that has been involved in the business of remodelling staircases since 2002. In 2014, realizing that its team’s expertise, dedication, and attention to detail could be applied across all areas of residential construction, Madera expanded its service offering to include complete renovations.

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The new pragmatic and technical creative direction is based on an isometric grid that supports Madera’s offering: plan, design, and build. The grid supported the development of a visual language that portrays design thinking. The simple black-and-white treatment communicates simplicity, which helps potential customers feel at ease with the prospect of complex renovation projects.

The tone of voice combines Spanish and English, speaking to the founder’s Costa Rican roots and making the brand approachable and accessible to a wider audience.

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  • “Different, more modern. Uncomfortably bold. I believe that the new brand identity will help my business stand out in such a crowded market.”

    Gerardo Casco, Owner

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