Who Am I Meant to Be?

Who Am I Meant To Be?

Have you ever stopped to think: Who Am I Meant to Be?
Pursuing your passions may be the straight answer to finding what you should be doing with your life and for it to be filled with joy.
But, if it was only that easy! Can you straight up say what your passion is? Unfortunately, most of us can’t.

It is the same in branding. Businesses and organizations face this same struggle. Who are we? What do we stand for? However, there is a way to help determine an organization’s ‘Who We Are’–the brand character. As strategic and creative partners, we at CASCO work closely with our clients to define the brand character through a series of workshops that focus on discussing the organization’s traditions, realities, and aspirations. The outcome is a unique trio of traits that reveal the character of the brand.

So if you are facing a conundrum, a ‘midlife crisis’ if you will, there are tools that can help you shed some light on the big questions we ask ourselves at some point in our lives–Who Am I Meant to Be?

On the other hand, if your business is facing a ‘mid-life crisis, Strategic Branding 101 provides you with tools and principles that can help you enhance your brand reputation to reflect what it stands for.